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 Four Non-Distillery Products unmasked


Many reasons were given for not publishing this investigation of Non-distillery Products (NDPs): the distillers might sue, the practice is not illegal, it isn't a nice thing to read. Even after I removed the offenders' names and added a mollifying proviso the section was redacted.

The corrected text

In 1997 Sullivans Cove Premium—Scotch labelled as Australian whisky—was arguably the most flagrant non-distillery whisky in Tasmania (ironically, today genuine Tasmania Distillery whisky is being sold undisclosed by other Tasmanian distilleries as their own), but it was neither the first nor the last whisky to have been made in one distillery but passed-off as if it was made by another distillery.

Colonial bartenders mixed local spirit with imported whisky and advertised it as the pure import.

The Small Concern distillery sold a whisky made in the Franklin Distillery (on another site) as their own without acknowledgement.

This whisky was not made here

McHenry and Sons sold a whisky they branded Three Capes (a prominent landmark in the vincity of McHenry’s distillery) with, in the middle of the label, the distillery founder's signature—printed above the word “Distiller”. That whisky was not distilled near any landmark cape nor in the McHenry distillery nor by Bill McHenry; the Tasmania Distillery made that whisky. It is an NDP, but at least its origin is disclosed on the back label.

Redlands’ The Old Stable whisky bottle has “Redlands Distillery” written on its label six times and the bottle blurb explains “The Old Stable is home to Redlands Distillery’s bondstore”. Who made the whisky? That is not disclosed anywhere on the label—yet it was not made in any old stable—nor was it made by Redlands Distillery. It is made in the Lark Distillery, but that fact is nowhere disclosed.

Selling NDPs is not illegal and whisky hedonists say only the taste matters, but to connoisseurs non-distillery whiskies are “secretive” and their labels “deceptive”.

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