Golden whisky

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"Liquid Gold" whiskies are more common than they say.




This paragraph was never submitted. I grasped its statistical veracity too late in the process, but the text contains an important correction to a widely held view of the international success and superiority of Tasmanian whiskies.


 "Liquid Gold" whisky is a designation defined, owned and promulgated by the world famous whisky-loving ex-journalist turned self-publisher Englishmen Jim Murray. External, independent honours such as Murray's are highly persuasive. Several distilleries (some perhaps merely aping each other), but also some industry spokespeople who should know better, frequently claim that a Jim Murray liquid gold whisky puts that whisky 'amongst the top two percent of whiskies in the world'. That is a serious miscalculation. In total, amongst Murray's 4600 or so whiskies listed in his 2017 guide to world whiskies, well over 400 were awarded "Liquid Gold" status. That is ten per cent of the total whiskies graded in the year, and that ratio is hardly altered from previous years.

The air Tasmanian whiskies inhabit is five times less rarified than some locals claim.


Bernard LloydComment