Killer whiskey

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The death of Tom Midwood, Tasmania's founding distillery owner, by pig bite.


I wrote that Tom Midwood died accidentally: "Midwood falls off his horse and dies." This is incorrect. After publication a great great great grandson of Midwood named John Cannon told me that in his family's family lore, the cause was not a horse but a pig. This bloodthirsty version certainly accords better with the death notice which stated that he died "after a short illness."

Secondly, the maximum possible life of the distillery must be altered. It was closer to three years than the eight years I suggested.

Corrected text

Midwood was at his distillery, perhaps even at work there emptying a pale of draff into a trough, when a pig turned on him and bit. Midwood survived the bite but died from suspected blood poisoning a few days later.


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