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Is air quality effected by aviation fumes?

Image by Holly Love at WhiskyLove

The quality of the air is a lauded feature of Tasmania's distilling industry. When I visited the Launceston Distillery, located on the edge of the airport runway I asked distiller Chris Condon about the impact of the aviation fuel on the distillery.  After Chris read his quotation in my draft text he wanted it removed. The quote was edited, words were removed, subsequent qualifying quotations were added, but the distillery could not be satisfied. They wanted the entire question and answer expunged. In the end, the paragraph stayed... apart from one sentence and word.

The Corrected Text

The distillery is not in a national park, it’s on the tarmac of an airport...

"A lot of distilleries are in industrial areas. We are mindful of it, we will monitor it, but I’m not overly concerned. Nothing has rung an alarm bell. I have never walked in here and been hit with petrol fumes, ever. There is a lot of ventilation. The airport is small, it’s not busy, and the planes’ presence at this end is fleeting. There’s probably more risk from the road. It’s closer and busier. We will get the product analysed to make sure it is safe to consume, and that is one thing we could look for."

Dunno if they did.

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