Wholly shit whisky

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Surely even Peter Bignell wouldn’t label the bottles with the name he scribbled onto this barrel, would he? [Shit! He did!]


I was told at first that "there wasn’t space" to mention this very quirky and beautifully wholistic product, but I suspect that the reason was that the word shit was too revolting for the reader’s stomach. To get the story in, I changed the heading to Spelt whisky.


The Corrected Text

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The circle of life. Peter grew a crop of spelt, made a mash, and fed the spent grain to his sheep.  Then he collected their dried poo from under the shearing shed and burned the shit under another batch of spelt, then put that shit-smoked spelt into his mash tun (and so forth took it through his Works) and finally poured it into a barrel. What to call it?  Peter dubbed it Wholly Shit and someone scrawled it on the barrel.


In 2018 Belgrove released a bottling labelled Wholly Shit Rye Whisky.

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